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Zimbabwe enters hard lockdown in ‘final push to defeat coronavirus’


Zimbabwe enters hard lockdown in ‘final push to defeat coronavirus’, President Emmerson Mnangagwa said the tough measures were a final push against the coronavirus.

The president has urged people to avoid large crowds as videos circulate on

social media showing thousands of Zimbabweans thronging the Beitbridge Border Post.

There are police roadblocks on all major roads leading into Harare.

State media said motorists had to queue for up to an hour and police were only allowing those involved in essential services to pass.

Mnangagwa has tweeted that the hard lockdown is a final push to defeat the coronavirus for good.


There has been a sudden surge in infections and deaths,

with 564 new cases and four deaths reported over the past 24 hours.

But there are concerns over massive congestion at the Beitbridge border.

Videos shared online show thousands of Zimbabweans returning to

South Africa paying little regard to the wearing of masks or social distancing.


Chiwenga, who is also the health minister, said restaurants,


and church services and weddings can’t take place either.

Pharmacies and supermarkets are now to shut at 3pm and only agricultural,

mining, manufacturing and tourism businesses are to continue to operate.

But all other businesses, including markets operated by Zimbabwe’s vast workforce of informal traders, will be shut down.


and locals on social media have been sharing tales of full covid wards,

sick relatives and tragic covid deaths in recent days.


Zimbabwe enters hard lockdown in ‘final push to defeat coronavirus’

Zimbabwe’s Vice President Constantino Chiwenga has announced

a renewed hard 30-day lockdown starting Tuesday in response to rising COVID-19 deaths and infections in the country.

The measures include a dawn to dusk curfew and tight restrictions on inter-provincial travel.

In a statement read on Saturday night,

Chiwenga said 1,342 infections and 29 deaths recorded in the past week were the highest so far