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You can order petrol on this app and have it delivered to your car – here’s how it works

You can order petrol on this app and have it delivered to your car - here’s how it works

Car owners can now fill their tanks without going to a petrol station, via a new app called Refuel. You can order petrol

The company has a fuel truck that delivers directly to vehicles at offices and companies.

You pay the same fuel price as at a petrol station, apart from a R20 service fee each time you fill up.


A new venture allows customers to order fuel via an app and have it to delivered to your vehicle eliminating the tedious task of refuelling at a petrol station.

The Refuel app is the brainchild of Ricky Luntz and Craig Dogon and began fully operating just before the lockdown this year.

It currently operates in two cities, Johannesburg and Pretoria, with plans to expand to Cape Town and Durban.

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New app brings petrol to your car


We are partnering with several fuel stations to refill the delivery truck as often as necessary and with the same quality fuel as consumers will find at major filling stations.


As such we are a complimentary service to fuel stations rather than competitors.


Ordering is easy via the app and is charged to a credit card.


When ordering, users have the option of choosing a specific rand value, volume of litres or fill your tank.

Providing a vehicle’s fuel cap is left open and unlocked, the Refuel driver can locate and refuel a vehicle without its owner having to leave their desk.

Technology matches the vehicle registration back to an order to ensure the right vehicle is always filled up.


The truck meets and exceeds all safety regulations and requirements and exceeds municipal guidelines for the safe storage and transportation of fuel.


The app offers full business intelligence reporting so fleet managers can view each vehicle’s .

consumption on a granular vehicle basis, making it easier to identify issues ahead of time.

Luntz said Refuel is planning to add additional services such as tyre pressure.

oil checks and may consider expanding the offering to residential users in time.

In addition, the business is busy planning a new Refuel for business app which it hopes to have ready during the first quarter of 2021.

Refuel can be downloaded from either Play or Apple stores.


All its tanks are certified by SANS and the City of Johannesburg’s fire department.