Home SA News Will April come with stricter lockdown regulations?

Will April come with stricter lockdown regulations?

Will April come with stricter lockdown regulations?

With a third wave of COVID-19 infections looming, Health Minister Zweli Mkhize on Wednesday said experts were deliberating on proposals that stricter lockdown regulations could be imposed next month.

Last year just before Easter, government imposed stricter regulations on large gatherings and transport.

Speaking to the SABC on Wednesday morning, Mkhize said the coronavirus advisory committee still had to make a final decision.

“That matter is being finalised, I don’t have the full answer as we speak, but there has been recommendations that there must be stricter lockdown restrictions but there were others who were also requesting the easing of restrictions…”

Just over 207,000 healthcare workers have been vaccinated and there are concerns over the slow pace.

Mkhize said there was a delay in one of the country’s largest consignments of vaccines.

Pfizer is expected to deliver up to 7 million doses between April and June.

Another 3 million Johnson and Johnson vaccines are also due to arrive around the same time.

Mkhize has downplayed concerns over the delays, saying it was a worldwide problem due to high demand.

“We now quickly have to change tap and switch to the vaccine that had given us hope, which was the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. That is the change over that caused us to be where we are now. In the next two weeks, we will have the full total of the 500,000 vaccines.”

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