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10 Must Watch TV Series Similar To Money Heist If You Loved group of surprisingly charming thieves

TV Series Similar To Money Heist If You Loved group of surprisingly charming thieves

SA TIMES-We’ve picked out Elite on this list purely because it also boasts a huge global audience and similarly to Money Heist
There’s familiar faces in the series too but perhaps most importantly, it features engaging storytelling and cliffhanger endings that easily rival Money Heist.


Below Are Shows Similar To Money Heist. Happy Binging. Fact: Netflix’s La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) is full of so many twists and turns that it’s nearly guaranteed you’ll get hooked after just the first episode. The Spanish-language series is about a group of surprisingly charming thieves in Spain,

If you haven’t heard the buzz on the virtual streets about La Casa de Papel by now, you must be living under a humongous bolder. Popularly known as Money Heist on the streaming service, Netflix, the explosive Spanish crime drama is without any doubt the finest slice of TV at the moment. So if you haven’t watched it yet, there’s a lot of catching up to do since the show is already in its fourth season. Although season 4 of the enthralling film premiered on Netflix just a few weeks ago most enthusiasts, I included, have already binge-watched their way through the series. However, while we all wait with bated breath for the 5th season, there are a few films and TV shows you can watch which are equally as good as the mind-blowing Spanish drama.

Below Are Shows Similar To Money Heist. Happy Binging.


If you haven’t watched this classic yet, you’re robbing yourself of one of the richest films of all time. The 2010 film stares renowned actor, Leonardo Di Caprio who plays a well trained professional thief who steals information by infiltrating the subconscious of his targets. Rather than planning a traditional heist on a casino or bank, the team performing ‘inception’ would hijack your mind instead, heisting some of your most innate thoughts and secrets. I’m trying to avoid spoilers here, the film is action-packed mixed with an intricate plot that will definitely keep you on the edge of your couch.


Prison break is another must watch if you haven’t already indulged in the serial, crime drama. The series is centred around two brothers, Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield with the main protagonist being the latter. Scofield, like The Professor in the Heist, is the architect of the plot which the film hinges on. He devises an elaborate plan to break his brother, Burrows, out of prison after he is sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit.

With storylines encompassing political espionage and government cover-ups, Prison Break never ceased to surprise audiences. Prison Break is sure to bring audiences unforgettable television moments that will leave them wanting more.


Mission impossible is a captivating spy film featuring award-winning actor Tom Cruise who plays Ethan Hunt an American Agent fighting crime. I know that sounds boring, like your typical James Bond film, but the sequel has so many twists and turns in which there is a thin line separating the villain and the hero.


Now, this American blockbuster is definitely magical, besides that, it’s centred on a heist

by magicians or call them illusionists who go by the moniker(The Four Horsemen).

If you’re looking to be both amused and entertained, Now You See Me is the perfect fit for you.

The film franchise has definitely never disappointed since it first hit the screens in 2013.

In the films, heists are planned and performed by a group of magicians who use

manipulation and illusionist tricks to rob banks and break into super secure facilities, all for the sake of  ‘Magic.’


The Oceans series is a cult favourite when it comes to heist movies. From the inside of

Las Vegas casinos to the MET, fans have followed Danny and Debbie Ocean as they team

up with experienced thieves, hackers and weapons masters to deliver well thought out heists.

The Oceans Series provides audiences with nothing but the expected thrills of a heist with

interacting components of humour, romance and mostly the highs of outsmarting the


If you haven’t yet watched one of George Clooney’s most recognized films, then you during quarantine would be a perfect time.


Based on the original 1983  action-adventure classic, The A-Team (2010)  follows the lives

of former US Special force members as they are accused of a crime they did not commit.

They are ultimately sentenced to jail but later find ways to free themselves and set the

record straight but do so in ways that are not so legal. The A-Team provides you with

every thrill you need in its genre. This adventure film holds leading performances by the

likes of Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper and will not disappoint your action-packed thriller obsession.


Tower Heist follows the life of Josh Kovacs (played by Ben Stiller) a manager of an upscale

NYC apartment complex known as ‘The Tower’.  Despite being a hardworking and loyal

worker, Kovacs and the other ‘Tower’ employees find themselves scammed of their life

savings due to the actions of one of ‘The Tower’s wealthiest investors.

Kovacs and the rest of the employees decide to take matters into their own hands by

plotting a heist into the investors’ apartment and simultaneously take audiences on

thrilling comedic rides towards a path of revenge and justice.

This 2011 comedy/heist drama is a must-watch if you’re looking for comedic thrills during the quarantine.