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Married woman caught cheating with 3 married men

Married woman caught cheating with 3 married men

A married woman from the Warren Park suburb of Harare is the talk of the country after she was caught cheating with three married men. A report in the local SA TIMES NEWS said a late night phone call exposed all her affairs.


Sandra Tendere, reportedly failed to give a satisfactory answer when her husband, Fred Mushambi, demanded to know the identity of the ‘midnight caller’ and an argument ensued.

At the height of the argument, Fred took away the phone from Sandra and discovered r0mantic text messages she had received from two different men.


The midnight caller has been identified as Kondowe Gilbert Mpeka,

who is believed to be a plumber with the Harare City Council. Fred said he was still at loss of words after coming across the text messages.

“I could not stomach the messages that I read from her phone sent by two different men. I showed the police at Warren Park all the messages I found in her phone and they advised me to be peaceful. All the time I was against my relatives and friends who were telling me that my wife has been cheating with a married man.

“Mpeka called my wife at night on Saturday and during the conversation, it was clear that the caller was suspicious. My wife tried to give different answers from what Mpeka was asking before hanging the phone,” said Fred.


He also said he came across the romantic message after Sandra left her Facebook page open and the messages were from two different account holders: Ignatius Dyanda and Andrew Nyambaro.

IGNATIUS DYANDA wrote: “are you being f**ked big time by him? I was meant to come back today to Kadoma ndakasara ndine nzara yakakura yekuda…. paya.”

ANDREW NYAMBARO wrote: “You too sweety love just feeling cold hope we could sleep together ANOTHER DAY so heavy dreams.”

Fred believes he has seen Mpeka before.

“This man always comes to my barber shop for a hairdo and he is a regular customer of

recharge cards and I never suspected him of anything.

I got angry today (Saturday) after Mpeka came here at around 7am buying recharge cards because I suspect it was a way to assess the situation.


“After I confronted him, he excused himself saying that Sandra told him that she was not

married. That is the time I was informed that he is the one who called my wife and I decided to leave the house with all the property.

“I see it safe to be accommodated at my uncle’s house than to stay with an adulterous wife after being married with two children,” said Fred.

Fred however, took the property to his uncle’s house and was arrested after Sandra lodged a report with the police. Sandra confirmed that she was in love with Mpeka and was actually retaliating after Fred had cheated on her.

“He never caught us red handed but he scrolled on my phone and discovered messages that angered him.

Fred has been cheating for a long time but I never left the house.

Today he has taken all the property which I want to recover by making this police report.

“I had no peace with him before I fell in love with Mpeka who called me at the wee hours

before I hung up the phone leaving the Facebook page open.

He is free to leave the house on condition he leaves all the property,” said Sandra.

Mpeka claimed that he parted ways with Sandra after discovering that she was married.

“I fell in love with Sandra long back.

She told me that she was married and we stopped the affair.

I am not the one who called Sandra,

Fred is free to trace my contact number and make sure if that call is from me.

Sandra is one of my friends on Facebook but I am not the one who sent the messages found by Fred,” said Mpeka.

There was more drama when the police officers arrived to arrest Fred,

one lady from the neighbourhood asked the police to help her from being assaulted by an

unidentified man who was demanding money from her.

Police ran out of handcuffs as they wrestled with the man resisting arrest.

They then freed the two men who had been arrested for public drinking at House No. 4680, 137 Street where Fred’s uncle lives.

Fred and his uncle were taken to Warren Park police station along with the unidentified man who left his car parked at House No.

4703, 135 Street where he was demanding US$100 balance from the sale of his car.

Fred and his uncle spent the day at Warren park police station before they were released at around 8pm on Saturday.

Married woman caught cheating