Home Entertainment Kings of Joburg will be returning for season 2.

Kings of Joburg will be returning for season 2.

Confirmed - Kings of Joburg Season 2 Coming Soon on Netflix
Netflix fans should be excited to know that the critically-acclaimed Kings of Joburwill be returning for season 2. Shona Ferguson revealed this through a video on social media.

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He was sitting inside his car and his wife Connie Ferguson and daughter in another car, the happy family were accusing Shona of farting and that’s when he decided to share the news.

“These stories kept me up at night and gave me nightmares but I had to bring them to life in a tale of human conflict.

Audiences will be surprised to learn that despite the darkness of this story,
Kings of Joburg, paints a beautiful picture of the city of Johannesburg.
I am also grateful to have worked with such an amazing cast and crew who gave it their
all and helped bring my vision to life,” said Ferguson on the action drama.





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