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Important Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health

10. Stop glorifying being busy and get some sleep.

You make time for happy hour, Pilates, and s*x. It’s time to make time for sleep. Without it, not only will you feel like a gr0ggy mess at work and in life, but your mental health will almost certainly suffer. Sleep isn’t a magic reset button for your moods, but it can make a huge difference when you’re not getting enough.


11. Write down a bunch of positive affirmations and healthy coping mechanisms and put them in a jar for when you need to snap out of a negative thought spiral.

The point is to remind yourself you have options when you’re blinded by negative thoughts that tell you there’s nothing that will help you. These can be simple reminders (“You are loved”), coping strategies (“Take a walk and have some water”), or Beyoncé lyrics—whatever will help you regain focus when you’re struggling with your mental health.