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Important Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health

8. If your mental health is affecting your work, set up a time to discuss this with your boss or HR department.

It’s not always necessary to disclose a mental health condition at work, but it might be worth it if it’s affecting your job—like if you need to take a longer lunch one day a week to make a therapy appointment or if you need to work from home occasionally while you get used to a new medication. Just make sure you have a goal in mind before you talk to your boss, and consult HR first if you’re unsure.


9. Consider cutting back on alcohol if you end up feeling worse every time you go out drinking.

For many people, there’s nothing wrong with drinking in moderation. But if you find that you’re consistently drinking to escape feelings of depression or anxiety, or if you frequently experience morning-after panic, it might be worth thinking about the role that alcohol plays in your moods……..Continue Reading