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Load Shedding: Power cuts to continue on Monday despite ‘best efforts’

Load Shedding: Power cuts to continue on Monday

Power cuts will continue on Monday, Eskom has said, despite its “best efforts” to return more generation units to the national grid.

In a power update on Sunday evening, the utility said that stage 2 load shedding would recommence at 09:00 on Monday and continue until 22:00.

“Eskom wishes to assure the public that implementing load shedding is the last resort, in order to protect the national grid,” it said in a statement.

The utility said that recommencing load shedding at 09:00 would lessen its impact on morning traffic.


“During the coming week Eskom will continue to experience supply constraints. Due to the much colder weather, demand for electricity has also risen significantly. We therefore urge the public to continue assisting us in managing consumption in order to reduce the impact of the supply constraints,” it said.

After three months without any planned power interruptions, Eskom on Friday announced cuts after a number of generating units tripped and a cold spell caused a surge in electricity use.

Stage 2 cuts continued on Saturday and Sunday. Rotational power cuts are expected continue until 22:00 on Sunday.


Load shedding has made its return. Eskom announced that the power grid is severely constrained. Power cuts may continue through the coming week.

“While Eskom teams are working round the clock to return generation units to service, the severely constrained generation system will most likely persist through the coming week. Eskom requests the public to help reduce electricity usage in order to lessen the impact of loadshedding,” the power utility said in a statement.
Stage 2 load shedding continues today [July 12] until 10pm.
“Implementing load shedding tomorrow [July 12] is necessary in order to replenish the emergency generation reserves to better prepare for the coming week. Due to the much colder weather, demand for electricity has also risen significantly,” reads the statement.
Load shedding was implemented on Friday July 10 due to an increase in generation unit breakdowns. Five units at different power station around the country were removed from the grid, taking away 2600MW of capacity from the system. A delayed return of a unit at Duvha power station has also contributed towards the increased strain.
On July 10, teams successfully returned to service three generation units at the Arnot, Duvha and Kendal power stations. These have added a combined 1 565MW capacity to the generation system, adding to the return to service of generation units at the Tutuka, Matimba and Arnot power stations.
The return of a generation unit each at Tutuka, Kriel and Hendrina power stations has been delayed, contributing to the supply constraints.
“Eskom urges the people of South Africa to continue reducing electricity usage to help us limit the impact of loadshedding. With your help Eskom can recover from this much quicker. Eskom will communicate should there be any significant changes to the supply situation,” concludes the statement.