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Filming for Mission: Impossible 8 delayed

Filming for Mission: Impossible 8 delayed

‘Mission Impossible 8’ will no longer be filmed back-to-back with the seventh movie because of Tom Cruise’s commitments to ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

‘Mission: Impossible 8’ will no longer film back-to-back with the seventh film in the franchise.

Tom Cruise pictured on top of moving train during filming for Mission: Impossible 7




Director Christopher McQuarrie and his team are close to finishing work on the latest

movie in the action series and had intended to then move straight onto shooting the

follow-up, but that has no longer been deemed possible.

Sources told Deadline that the cancellation is due to changes in the release calendar

because of the coronavirus pandemic, and star Tom Cruise will now be needed for

promotional duties for ‘Top Gun: Maverick’, which is now due to hit cinemas on 2 July,

so he’ll be unavailable for filming.

However, once the aviation sequel is out, production on ‘Mission: Impossible 8’ can start

so it is hopeful there won’t be too much of a gap.

Meanwhile, the director has revealed a successful shoot has now wrapped in the UAE and

he and his team are travelling back to London to add some “finishing touches” to ‘Mission: Impossible 7’.

He wrote on Instagram: “Grace and graciousness, magic and majesty, hospitality and hope.

“Of the many challenges we’ve faced on our journey, none will be greater than outshining

the gifts Abu Dhabi has given us.

“On behalf of our entire cast and crew, sincerest and most heartfelt thanks to the

Government of Abu Dhabi, His Excellency Mohamed Al Mubarak, the Abu Dhabi Film

Commission, twofour54, Etihad Airways and CEO Tony Douglas, ADAC and CEO Shareef Al

Hashmi, HM Ambassador to the UAE Patrick Moody, The United States Marine Corps and

all of our incredible military personnel.

“And, of course, thanks to our extraordinary local cast, crew and the very fine people of

Abu Dhabi. We shall most sincerely miss you until we see you again.

“Now back to London for a few finishing touches. All aboard for our greatest challenge yet…(sic)”

‘Mission: Impossible 7’ is scheduled for release on 19 November this year, with the eighth film scheduled for almost a year later, 4 November, 2022.