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China announced easier visa requirements for foreign travellers vaccinated with Chinese Covid-19 shots

China made easier visa application 4 travelers vaccinated with Chinese jab

China announced foreign travellers who received a Covid-19 vaccine made in the country will undergo fewer visa application requirements.

The policy will be implemented starting Monday.

If vaccinated with a certificate, travellers do not need to show a negative Covid test.


China is making it less of a hassle for foreign travellers entering from Hong Kong if they receive the Covid-19 vaccine made in the country.

People entering the country for work purposes will be able to pass over extra paperwork

for their visa applications if they receive one of China’s Covid-19 vaccines.


Office of China’s Foreign Ministry in Hong Kong said in a statement.

The announcement also expands eligibility to some “applying for a visa out of emergency

humanitarian needs,” including attending funerals and taking care of or reuniting with


According to the statement, foreigners who received the vaccination and certificate do not need to show a negative test.

The New York Times reported that China’s announcement follows plans from the United

States, India, Japan, and Australia to provide vaccines in other countries, including one billion vaccinated in India by 2022.

“We all have to focus on generating domestic demand and driving sustainable global

growth,” Biden said at a virtual summit of the four countries on Friday. “And with

launching an ambitious new joint partnership that is going to boost vaccine manufacturing

for the global benefit and strengthen vaccinations, to benefit the entire Indo-Pacific.”

China’s vaccines are being used in more than 25 countries, according to the Associated Press.

Many western countries have not approved the country’s vaccines for distribution amid a lack of information around their development.