Home Entertainment Buhle Samuels breaks the internet with her #JohnVuliGate moves

Buhle Samuels breaks the internet with her #JohnVuliGate moves

Buhle Samuels breaks the internet with her #JohnVuliGate moves

Buhle Samuels got herself trending on Twitter after she posted herself slow-twerking to the John Vuli Gate song .


The Kings of Joburg actress shared a video to her Instagram stories and it wasn’t long before social media blew up.

Buhle’s #JohnVuliGate challenge had online users in a frenzy trying to compliment her body and her moves PAY ATTENTION.

However, Buhle wasn’t trending only because of her hot body and smooth moves.

Tweeps also took the opportunity to comment on her acting skills, particularly as one of the lead roles on the Ferguson Films’ Netflix project Kings Of Joburg.

Buhle plays the character of Angela Masire, the wife of the main kingpin Simon Masire (played by Shona Ferguson) and essentially heiress of the empire.

While many applauded her convincing portrayal of the spoilt housewife.

others poked a few holes in the storytelling as tweeps couldn’t believe the Fergusons had the “audacity” to expect them to believe that Angela had a 24-year-old son in the series.

At the end of the day, the conversation on the TL did a 360 and found itself right at the beginning of why Buhle landed on the trends list in the first place, her hot body!

There were tweeps willing to risk it all for the actress, while others want to be her.

Here are some of the reactions to her video below:

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