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Another ‘Guardian angel’ pays R270,000 for everyone’s shopping in a PEP store, causing a bit of chaos


On Wednesday, an anonymous donor paid for R270,000 worth of shopping at a Mossel Bay PEP store.

He invited people on the street to shop for free in the store, and in the ensuing commotion the store was forced to close.

This is the second time in less than a year that a PEP store in the town saw a good Samaritan donate massive amounts.

An anonymous benefactor donated R270,000 worth of shopping to lucky customers in a PEP store in Mossel Bay on Wednesday.

After having a meal at a local restaurant, the man wanted to reward staff by inviting them to pick out items at a nearby PEP store, says PEP marketing executive Beyers van der Merwe.

But once they were all in the store, he extended the offer to other shoppers as well.

“The donor also went out into the street and encouraged passers-by to come into the store. Understandably, this caused some security issues and the store had to be closed for a while,” says Van Der Merwe.

According to AlgoaFM, the police had to be called in to maintain order. The man is known as “The Guardian Angel”, the radio station reported.

In December last year, a different anonymous donor paid R373,000 to settle lay-by items at another PEP branch.

Wednesday’s donor settled R192,500 in sales and gave another R77,500 for the PEP Lay-by Buddies scheme which allows anyone to anonymously assist customers to pay-off their interest-free lay-bys.

PEP will match the R77,500 and all lay-bys made at the PEP store on Marsh and Zietsman streets in Mossel Bay before Thursday 12th November will be paid off.