Home International News A man rips cheating wife’s stomach open as her boyfriend watches

A man rips cheating wife’s stomach open as her boyfriend watches

A man rips cheating wife’s stomach open as her boyfriend watches

THE boyfriend of a woman whose stomach was allegedly ripped open by her estranged husband said he witnessed the stabbing and was shocked that she was still married as she had told him that they had long separated.

Simon Dube told the court last Friday that on April 2, Siphiwe Ndlovu of Pumula phoned him saying she had no food.

Dube was testifying in the attempted murder case of Vusumuzi Tusi, who allegedly ripped

open Ndlovu’s stomach with an okapi knife after finding her in the company of her lover.

“I did not go to her house, but I told her that we should meet at Champion shopping

centre where we were supposed to buy food.

Before she opened the door of the car, I heard her screaming saying ‘Tusi why are you

killing me?’ Tusi then came to my side of the vehicle and tried to open the door, but failed

as the door was locked,” he said.

Dube said he started the car and made a U-turn and drove off at the same time that Tusi was running away.

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He then returned and picked up Ndlovu and took her to hospital.

During cross examination, Tusi asked Dube why he did not come out of the car to protect

his lover if he saw him stabbing her.

“She had told me that she separated with her husband and I was shocked to learn that she was talking to her husband.

I was surprised and became weak.

Do you realise that you are the reason I stabbed my wife?” Tusi quizzed.

“I told you that I did not know she was married. She had told me that she had separated from her husband,” Dube replied.

Last week Tusi told the court that he stabbed Ndlovu when she held him while he was being attacked by Dube, whom he was fighting with after he found him with his wife.

Prosecutor Masimba Saruaka told the court that on April 2 2021 at around 8pm,

Tusi got information that Ndlovu was seeing another man and he armed himself with an okapi knife and went to their place.

He lay in ambush at a distance and when Ndlovu came out of the house and walked

towards where her lover had parked his car close to the business centre, Tusi intercepted

her and stabbed her several times in the stomach as well as in both her legs and right arm.

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